Squilp System Weekly #2: React

Last week I worked on a base set of buttons in Figma with the intention of creating their counterparts as React Components, something I’ve never done before.

I have some programming experience but never worked with React before, so this week was spent working on the ‘Become a React Developer’ learning track on LinkedIn learning. While I don’t actually plan to become a full-fledged developer, it’ll be important to know how to talk shop when it comes to the code if I want to work in Design Systems.

I didn’t get to create my own React Components this week, however, I plan to begin working on documentation next, and having this solid base of knowledge on React will help me do so in a clearer way for both designers and developers alike.

The article ‘Crafting Component API, Together’ by Nathan Curtis compelled me to understand more about the component structure and how to communicate it between Design and Development. I hope that with the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ll be able to create clearer and more universal documentation.

Nathan Curtis’ article on Component APIs shows the importance of consistency across Design and Dev.

Learning some React was also just fun. I haven’t dug into writing code lately and it felt good to get back on it.

After a week of vacation next week, I plan on creating the React Components for my Button set then begin working on its documentation. Have a good weekend!



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